Monday, March 8, 2010

Gathering my Soap Making Courage

I was planning on making liquid castile soap last weekend but when I got out my supplies I realized that I had accidentally ordered sodium hydroxide (lye for making bar soap) instead of potassium hydroxide (lye for making liquid soap). No problem, I thought, I'll just learn how to make bar soap!
*shaking head and laughing at my own naivety* After reading up on it all week, I have to admit that I'm VERY intimidated. I was hoping to give my first batch a try this weekend, but I'm still waiting on more supplies I ordered from I am really excited and I will definitely let you know how it turns out!


abby said...

if we hadn't moved, my sister-in-law was going to teach me how to make bar soap. i'm sad i don't know how! i hope it turns out for you. (and love this blog, tara. seriously. what a great idea.)

Anne said...

Let me know how it goes! I went to school with a guy who makes a living off making and selling soap!