Monday, April 26, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Valerie, a fellow blogger who I like more than anyone I've never met before, generously presented me with this blog award and instructions to share 7 things about myself. Thank you, Valerie! Like Valerie's daughter said on her blog, the seven things don't necessarily have to be interesting (even though Valerie's were) so here we go:

1. I adore daffodils. I am amazed at how the sight of a daffodil transports me to the best place in my childhood, every time.

2. I love animals - even bugs, yet I have a pervasive and totally irrational fear that I will be eaten by a shark one day :/

3. I cry harder at movies and commercials than I ever cry about real life - embarrassing, hiccuping, gulping sobs. I have had to forfeit my $8 seat at the movies more than once.

4. I think I'm hilarious. I'm not sure how many people share that opinion, but I crack myself up all the time :D

5. I find it extraordinarily frustrating that I will never learn all there is to learn

6. My older sister is quite possibly the coolest person I know

7. Sometimes I have dreams that I can breath under water and they are so convincing that it takes several minutes of self-questioning after I wake up in order for me to believe that I really can't and shouldn't try :)

I plan to pass this award on to Morgan for her blog Ordinary? Why, Nothing is Ordinary. You can't be around Morgan without having a greater appreciation for life and I enjoy her blog.

Thanks again, Valerie!


Amii said...

I am so frustrated that I will not be able to learn everthing as well! I find it very funny that you are afraid of sharks! One day I am going to tape the jaws theme song and just start playing it behinde you :) (because I also find myself very funny! :P ) I also am so glad that marketing people are able to touch someone with a pampers commercial (come on tara I know you teared up.)
I am the coolest person tara knows! :D
Tara- I know that I tease you but you are an inspiration! All that you have overcome and acceived is a reason for you to hold your head high! Your amazing and never forget that! I know sometimes you wander, I wander too! remember you never wander alone.... besides, when you wander, you sometimes you bump into things you wouldn't normally search for. LOVE YOU!!! :*

Tara said...

It's the OnStar radio commercials that have really been getting me lately ;)
By the way, you rock. I can't imagine nursing school without you!

Amii said...

Anytime baby! anytime :)

Tara said...

By the way, the Jaws theme song doesn't terrify me. Especially when I'm on land. Sorry to disappoint :P

Amii said...

Okay- so you really had to twist my arm to get me to this site but I am totoally loving it!!! I have a piece of crap dishwashing machine that I truely beleive (although my hubby disagrees)leaves my dishes dirtier then when I put them in. BUT I used some vinager in it like you did in your oven and it made a HUGE difference! It cleaned the dishes and the machine it was great! THANKS!

Valerie said...

Oh, you are so nice! I'm glad to learn more about you. I LOVE that you make yourself laugh. That is great.

I just want to let you know that I know none of the details of your personal life other than that you are a hard working, studying, wonderful mom, but I have really looked up to you for all you do. You are amazing and I hope to be able to do as much as you do one day.